David C Shelton

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, the youngest of eight children. I was a PK (a preacher’s kid). My dad was a pastor, my friend, and a great provider. My mother was a great musician; she was also my heart and my rock.

He and my mother were together for thirty-two years before he passed away. Thirty-two years of their life married to the same person, but even as a child, I knew that there was something that they lacked that would be beneficial for a good relationship.

Love, of course. Yes, they loved each other, but there was something that was missing.

You see, even as a child, I had never seen my parents kiss or even show affection for each other. Thirty-two years of no affection and no kissing.

I would play with my parents on our way to church and say innocently, “Dad, kiss Mama.” After refusing my rants, they finally would do it to shut me up.

It was fun, but the reality is, after thirty-two years, there should never be any hesitation to kiss or even embrace the one you say you love, unless there is something much deeper.

So after years of trying to figure out why my own relationships sucked, I had to do a self-evaluation. And this is what I learned: my relationships sucked because of me.

You only get one life to live, and it’s best not to screw this one up.