Eight years ago, Bitcoin was at $500 a share. Today it’s at $55,000 a share. It has risen and fallen throughout the years.

If you invested in Bitcoin eight years ago today, you’re glad you stayed with it and did not throw in the towel when the stocks were low, right?

Eight years ago, I was homeless (lost all I had in a home fire.) Today I’m living my dreams, literally. I’m doing things I’ve only dreamed of.

My life has been through hell and back, but what if I gave up on believing in myself, investing in myself? I would’ve never been able to see just how high my stocks could go.

Now don’t get it twisted. My stock is still going higher, although some people did withdraw their investment in me because they stopped believing in me and I might’ve let them down. However, I am thankful I decided to continue to believe in myself and stay the course.
Whatever you do, know that you must believe in who you are. Stay the course, finish the battle, and don’t give up.

Please believe that your stock will rise and will fall, but stay the course.

-Dave Shelton